You Don’t Even Have To Take The SATs To Get Into College Anymore, Just Be A Decent Human Being

Remember how awful the SATs were? We were expected to think critically at like 8 am all while knowing that if we do poorly, our peers will be going off to college and we would be doing, well nothing.

Luckily, the smart people at Harvard finally realized these tests are pointless and have no bearing on an individual’s intelligence. The report is endorsed by more than 80 colleges and universities nationwide and recommends that standardized testing become optional or a the very least, less important.

Parents and teachers have long struggled with the fact that personal achievement is so heavily considered in the college application process and that affluent students have more of an advantage because of it.

According to Today, “I think our students are just doing too much,” said Stu Schmill, Dean of Admissions at MIT. “They feel like they have to do too much, and they really don’t. We want to send this message that they can pull back on that a little bit.”

So what exactly will colleges be looking for then? According to  Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University, not much. “Yes, we want students who have achieved in and out of the classroom, but we are also looking for things that are harder to quantify, [like] authentic intellectual engagement and a concern for others and the common good.”

In other words, be a decent human being, and you have a shot of getting into college. This new reform may not take place for another two to three years, but it would certainly take the pressure off high school students.

Well damn, considering I won the Caring Award in eighth grade, (Yes, that was actually a thing) I could’ve gone to Harvard. Can I try again?

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