The Amount Scott Disick Makes For One Sponsored Instagram Post Could Pay Your College Tuition

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Think you’re a hot shot because you have over 800 followers on Instagram? That’s cute and all, but no amount of likes will feel as great as adding money to your bank account.

We’ve already covered how bloggers rake in money for their sponsored Instagram posts, but compared to celebrities, it’s practically pennies. Take for example Lord Disick.

Scott Disick isn’t having the best of times. The guy was dumped by longtime girlfriend and baby mama Kourtney Kardashian and checked into rehab in late 2015. However, parting with the Kardashian Klan doesn’t mean his wallet is taking a hit.

I can’t tell you exactly what Scott does for a living nowadays, but he’s definitely not eating Ramen every night. If you’re one of his 13.4 million Instagram followers, don’t be duped into thinking Disick is posting photos of a face mask because he feels like it – he’s getting paid big. In a recent report from Jezebel, it was revealed that Lord Disick makes between $15,000 to $20,000 for one single sponsored post on Instagram.

It sounds like a fortune, but it’s chump change compared to his Keeping Up With the Kardashians costar Kendall Jenner – she rakes in between $125,000 and $300,000 for a single social media post.

Scott and Kendall aren’t the only celebs charging for their social media stamp of approval. Jezebel breaks down how much Stephanie Pratt (of The Hills fame), Jenny McCarthy, Lisa Rinna, and others need to love love love a product.

BRB, crying.

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