USA Men’s Gymnastics Team Already Wins The Gold Medal Of Hotness

Jake Dalton/Instagram

Move over, Ryan Lochte. There’s a whole team of hot guys ready to take away your claim to fame as the most attractive Team USA member at the Olympics. (Luckily for you, Mr. Lochte, you still have the advantage of wearing a speedo versus a tight onesie.)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the US men’s gymnastic team. Ever since Jake Dalton shared a team onesie at the beach where the guys showed off their ab-tastic muscles during a day off, they’ve proved to be the ones to watch in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer.

I won’t lie – as a 5’10” girl I like tall guys, but I’m more than willing to make an exception for Paul Ruggeri, Marvin Kimble, and the rest of the shredded gymnasts. Luckily for me, they’re not shy about taking their shirts off.

Check out some of the team’s hottest photos below, and be sure to cheer them on as they compete for the red, white, and better than you in Rio this summer.

Team USA Full List:

Donothan Bailey

Chris Brooks

Jake Dalton

Jonathan Horton

Marvin Kimble

Steven Legendre

Danell Leyva

C.J. Maestas

Sam Mikulak

Alex Naddour

John Orozco

Eddie Penev

Paul Ruggeri III

Donnell Whittenburg

Brandon Wynn

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