WATCH: Mother Fights Off Armed Carjackers To Protect Her Young Kids Inside

mom fights carjackers

ABC News

Note to all would-be attackers: parents will do everything to protect their kids. Don’t mess with mama.

Two carjackers learned this lesson the hard way when they attempted to steal a woman’s car with her two young children, 7 and 1 year old, inside as she filled up her tank at a Florida gas station. They probably thought the distracted lady would be an easy target, but she proved them otherwise.

Without a second thought, she fought back. One man climbed into the driver’s seat, but she tore off his mask and threw him out of the car like a sack of potatoes. The other man realized this lady was not going down without a fight and sprinted off before she got her hands on him too. Both the mother and her kids were unharmed.

Surveillance footage that caught the entire incident on tape was obtained by ABC News. You can watch it below.

The two men and their female accomplice were all arrested. According to a local news station, had previously tried stealing a woman’s SUV but failed because she had locked her car.

You go, girl. This could have had a horrible alternate ending, but for the most part crooks like these target people they don’t see as threats. Showing that you’re not willing to be stepped over will usually scare them off.

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