10 Kinds Of Photos That Guarantee Guys An Automatic Left Swipe On Tinder



Tinder gets a bad rep, but I know plenty of relationships that started with a right swipe. Hey, it’s no worse than drunkenly meeting at bar or frat party IMO.

Every girl looking for a minor confidence boost drunkenly swipes through countless photos on these dating apps, but if you put your best self out there with a few fun photos and clever bio, you never know what could happen. But, um, news flash: those selfies you take in bed are anything but a turn on to us ladies.

Fellas, it’s time for a profile clean up. Get rid of those tragic bathroom mirror selfies and ridiculous memes on your dating profile…unless you enjoy getting zero matches. But don’t worry – plenty of ladies are screenshotting your cringe-worthy pics to send to their biggest group chats. Haven’t you heard that Tinder is shallow?

Pretty much if you have any of the following types of photos on your Tinder, Bumble, or whatever profile, change them out immediately or you’re getting the left swipe – not sorry about it.

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