Kylie Jenner Is Not Thrilled About Rob Kardashian Dating Blac Chyna (That Would Be Tyga’s Ex)

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The Internet went wild yesterday when Blac Chyna posted a photo to Instagram wrapped up in a man’s arm. Thanks to the tattoos, it was easily to figure out that arm belong to Rob Kardashian and the caption that read “The Beginning” referred to their budding relationship.

So what’s the big deal? Well, Blac Chyna has a child with ex-fiancée Tyga – yes, Tyga as in Rob’s half-sister Kylie Jenner‘s current boyfriend.

Despite the chance to be stepmom to the same child that her bro is stepdad to, Jenner isn’t thrilled about the situation.

“Kylie doesn’t want to give her the attention she so obviously wants,” a source revealed to E! News. “Ky is ignoring her antics.”

Could Blac Chyna be using Rob to get back at Kylie for being with her ex? Honestly, I’ve seen girls do worse, and jealousy makes people do crazy things.

E! writes, “The insider feels as though Chyna is “preying” on Rob “during a weak time” as he continues to work on his health following his diabetes diagnosis.”

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Rob Kardashian has been staying out of the spotlight over the past few years, but is it really a surprise that he’s causing family drama? That’s all the Kardashian know how to do.

Stay tuned. This should get interesting. I’m expecting Twitter wars, minimum.

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