Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Sued Following Florida Bar Arrest

Nick Carter, who was arrested earlier this month due to a bar fight outside of the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West, Florida, has been hit with more legal trouble stemming from the bar brawl. 21-year-old Skylar Carden, the bouncer that the former Backstreet Boy member fought, alleges that after asking Carter to leave numerous times, Carter “became aggressive” and turned to “physical force” to re-enter the Key West bar.

According to USA Today, the lawsuit states that Carter “violently attacked” Carden by “striking and choking” him at the bar after Carter was removed from the the Hog’s Breath Saloon for intoxication and unruly behavior.

In a press release obtained by E! News, Mark DiCowden, Carden’s attorney, said that Carter is “nothing more than a backstreet thug” who made a “crude attempt to control public relations” through his apology tweets over the weekend. You can view Carter’s apology tweets below.

In the lawsuit, DiCowden asserts that Carden was “just doing his job” to maintain order and did not deserve to be attacked. He said:

“No amount of fame or fortune justifies Carter’s shameful and outrageous conduct. To send him that message and deter his misbehavior in the future, we will seek punitive damages against him as allowed by Florida law.”

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant was arrested and released from Monroe County Detention Center on a $1,500 bond about 10 days ago after being charged with misdemeanor battery, according to E! News. Carter pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to USA Today, the lawsuit does not specify how much Carden is seeking. DiCowden explained that a jury will determine the amount of damages.

Violence is never the answer, Carter.

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