Bad News: Unprotected Sex Causes Diarrhea

Unprotected sex can cause a lot of potentially unwanted things- a child, an STD, anxiety. Yet now there’s something else to add to that list- diarrhea!

A chemical compound found in semen called prostaglandins can actually give you cramping and diarrhea, says Teresa Hoffman, M.D., an obstetrician and gynecologist with Hoffman and Associates.


Prostaglandins [a chemical compound found in semen] cause smooth muscles, like those in your uterus and intestines, to contract, and when your intestines contract too quickly, you can get diarrhea. So if you have unprotected sex, some of his pesky little prostaglandins are absorbed through your vagina and venture to you your colon (conveniently located right behind your uterus) and cause the runs. Boom.

Another fun fact, prostaglandins are also produced during that time of the month, which is why you might tend to go a bit more often than usual.

If you decide to give into one of his many BJ pleas, however, it might be worth it. Stomach acid breaks down that stuff pretty well and won’t give you the runs, or at least it’ll be less likely. Hoffman notes that the problem is more likely to occur when you have a lot of semen pumped (literally) into your uterus, like when you have a lot of sex in a short amount of time.

So go ahead and hump like rabbits, but just be prepared to suffer the consequences. Any of them, TBH.

[H/T: Women’s Health]

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