Facebook Is Getting A ‘Love’ Button & More In The Very Near Future

facebook reaction buttons

Call me old school, but I still use (and like) Facebook. Most of my notifications come from my mom, but you can do everything from share photos to get news to play games on there.

Remember back in the old days when there wasn’t even a Like button? Well, Like is getting a makeover, and it’s going to make supporting your friend whose grandmother just died a lot less awkward.

Back in the fall, Facebook announced that a simple Like wasn’t cutting it. Researchers collected the most common types of comments on posts and sorted them into different categories. The most popular ended up being “angry,” “sad,” “wow,” “haha,” “yay,” and “love.” Now, those interactions are becoming “Reactions” buttons that will soon be live on FB. (The company ended up rejecting “yay” because “it was not universally understood,” but that’s pretty similar to hitting “like” anyway.)

Reactions will work just like Likes – hold down the thumbs up icon to reveal your choices. The new icons are also animated, as seen below.

So there’s still no Dislike button, but we like what we’re working with here.

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