Puberty Did That Chocolate Cake-Eating Kid From ‘Matilda’ Good…Really Good

bruce then and now matilda photos

That chocolate cake scene from Matilda scared the crap out of me. As a picky eater, being forced to eat something I didn’t like as worse than putting me in the chokey. Luckily, Bruce Bogtrotter pulled through and showed Trunchball who was boss.

Seeing as January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day, it’s only right to give it up to Bruce. But what is that pudgy kid up to now?

For starters, he ain’t so pudgy anymore. Totally Neville Longbottomed just like Matthew Lewis, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and the best of them.

Jimmy Karz had it made in the ’90s. The child star made his mark in movies such as Matilda and The Wedding Singer (yup, he’s the lucky kid who grabbed Drew Berrymore’s butt during a slow dance). Nowadays, he’s out of the spotlight although he still lists his occupation as “actor/director” on Facebook though last we heard, he was going to medical school to study osteopathic medicine. He’s living in Vancouver, British Columbia, and presumably laying off the chocolate cake (seriously, the guy looks great).

Check of photos of Karz below, after he made puberty his bitch.

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