Here’s What Beyonce Texted Channing Tatum After Their Lip Sync Battle

Imagine if you just casually had Beyonce‘s phone number in your contact book? That would be something. I guess that has to be one of the many perks of being Channing Tatum.

Earlier this month, Beyonce performed alongside Channing Tatum who was dressed in full Beyonce drag on a segment of Lip Sync Battle. It turns out that the television moment wasn’t solely unreal to audience members – it was just as insane of performance for Tatum.

Tatum had reached out to Beyonce’s camp to see if he could dance with a paper cut-out form of the star (I didn’t know you needed to ask for permission to dance with inanimate objects with the likeness of Beyonce). Before he knew it, Tatum was gyrating in front of a wind machine onstage when Beyonce appeared for the final moments of the “Run The World (Girls)” choreography on Lip Sync Battle. On Thursday on an episode of Ellen, Tatum revealed that it was on Lip Sync Battle that he first met Queen Bey. Unfortunately, the two did not get the chance to sit and talk after the performance.

On Ellen, Tatum recalled, “I said ‘hi’ [and] she was like ‘That was really funny! See ya.’ But she did text afterwards.” Tatum revealed that Beyonce texted, “Hey, I would love to meet you [and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum] and hang out.” Beyonce did make a special request, however. She asked Tatum to leave the Beyonce drag at home on the eventual date because their initial meeting with Tatum in drag was a little “terrifying” for her.

I mean, I don’t blame you Beyonce. As much fun as Channing Tatum’s performance was on Lip Sync Battle, he did not make a pretty Beyonce.

Hopefully we’ll get some classic grainy paparazzi photographs of Channing and Jenna with Beyonce and Jay Z in the near future. It’ll only be then that we’ll learn if Channing followed through with Beyonce’s dress request. But how could you not? It’s Beyonce.

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