This Hot Vet Combines Everything That’s Right With The World In One Instagram Account

evan antin vet photos

Evan Antin/Facebook

Remember when I introduced you to Dr. Mike, aka the real-life McDreamy? Just when I thought this combination of brains and beauty was the greatest gift the gods have ever given, I find out there’s an equally attractive doc who specializes in adorable and exotic animals? Sign. Me. Up.

Meet Doctor Evan Antin, a California-based vet that the Internet is collectively losing their minds over for obvious reasons. On one Instagram account you get a beautiful man who saves the lives of puppies, plus some ~*informational facts*~ about the critters. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

Not only can he make sure Fido is up to date with his shots, but he travels around the world to help exotic animals like his fave, crocodiles.

“Since I’ve become a veterinarian, it’s been one of the most gratifying things to help out wild animals native to the exotic corners of the world,” Antin told Buzzfeed.

He continued, “I think working with animals is something every human can benefit tremendously from.” Swoon.

The best part? You don’t even have to injure yourself to get a peak. Just bring in your little fluffball for a check up, and we’ll all be feeling much better.

Check out photos of the former model (are you even a little surprised? That selfie technique is something you’re born with) and his awesome animal pals below.

Once Grey’s Anatomy ends, I think Shonda Rhimes needs to turn her attention to a reality show starring Evan. I know I’d watch. Get on it, Shonda!

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