The Key To An Easier Period Might Be Putting Weed In Your Vag?

weed tampons


Being a girl sucks. Every month since I was in middle school, I have to deal with intense back pains that come along with my Aunt Flo visiting. There were times I had to skip school due to the severity of my pains, and I know I’m not the only one to use my cramps as a legit (and sometimes not-so-legit) excuse to get out of gym.

Forget popping Advil like candy – one company claims to know exactly how to relieve period pain: shove marijuana up your vagina.

foria period pain relief

After the company spiced up the bedroom with weed lube, Foria has introduced “cannabis vaginal suppository” to ease the cramps and general suckiness of your period pain. Pretty much, they recommend you insert the suppositories made of organic cocoa butter, carbon dioxide-distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate up your lady hole much like a tampon.

Sounds kind of…wrong, right?

Foria’s director of product development and “resident scientist” Tim Drennan told Racked the product simply regulates pain as any other inflammation-reducer might. He said, “What THC does on the nerve terminal, is it modulates out the high frequency signals. It doesn’t allow the high frequency signals to go through. That’s how it is able to modulate pain and still not produce sensation or reduce nerve control.” Then again, he is paid by Foria so I don’t trust the dude for a second.

The jury is still out.

Speaking to Vice, gynaecologist Dr Jennifer Gunter said of the product, “It’s completely untested. There’s nothing in scientific literature to support this dose or the safety of it.”

The $44 product is not yet FDA-recommended, so definitely talk to your doc before trying this at home. Of course, if you can even get it – the product is only available in weed-friendly states like Colorado and California.

I’ll stick to Advil and ice cream until further notice, thank you very much.

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