Period Perks: 30 Times Your Period Actually Did You A Huge Favor

It starts with the cramps. I pop some Advil Extra Strength and make sure I have a tampon within reach because I know it’s coming. Lovely. I can’t wait to spend the next four days pretending I don’t literally have something stuffed up my vagina.
For the most part, getting my period is miserable, and I’m sure most ladies agree. Between mood swings and the constant fear that your tampon string with fall out of your bikini, there’s not much to look forward to each and every month.
Or are we going about this all wrong?
How many times have you used your period as an excuse for your laziness or why you can’t stop crying? What about when you needed to get out of high school track practice and your male coach didn’t want to hear another word after you mention “cramps”? More than a couple times, your period has done you a solid.
Check out all the best things about having your “time of the month,” and maybe you’ll feel a little better when Aunt Flo comes to town.
1. When you were *thisclose* to buying a pregnancy test and having a full-blown meltdown.
2. When you needed an excuse to buy that pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
3. When you needed a reminder that your body is functioning properly.
4. When you really didn’t feel like going out that Thursday night anyway.
5. When you definitely shouldn’t go home with that rando dude from the bar, but it seems like a good idea at the time.
6. When your skinny jeans didn’t fit and you got to tell yourself you were just bloated.
7. When you appreciated the other 26 days of the month that much more.
8. When your metabolism was raised for a few days.
9. When you needed a good cry.
10. When you wanted to get out of high school gym class and told your male teacher you had cramps.
11. When you had an excuse for having more zits on your face then a seventh grader.
12. When you really didn’t feel like going to the gym anyway.
13. When you were the only lady not wearing white shorts the Labor Day picnic.
14. When you could just blame your moodiness on your period and everyone understood.
15. When you remembered this is just another thing you and Beyonce have in common.
16. When you find out your period might help you live longer.
17. When you slept through the entire road trip thanks to fatigue.
18. When you could blame your forgetfulness on period brain.
19. When you finally got to wear your granny panties without shame.
20. When you had an excuse to head to Victoria’s Secret and buy cute new underwear.
21. When you synced with your roommate and had something to bond over.
22. When you gave zero f*cks about heading to Starbucks in a hoodie and pajama pants.
23. When you didn’t want to get your hair wet at the pool party so you said you had an ear infection and couldn’t swim.
24. When you got to take naps in the nurse’s office in middle school with all the other girls on their periods.
25. When you have an excuse for flipping out on your mom when she asked about your love life.
26. When you were totally embarrassed by it but learned that you’ll survive.
27. When you realized you can have sex on your period, which is great since you’re suddenly so horny.
28. When you could get drunk in less time.
29. When you going to bed at 8 p.m. was completely acceptable.
30. When you had to take a number two at your bf’s place and could blame your extended bathroom run on your period.
31. When you realized you love being a woman despite the cons.

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