WATCH: Apparently College Students Don’t Know Who Won The Civil War…Be Afraid

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If you haven’t lost total faith in millennials yet, the following video might make you throw your hands up in defeat.

A student at Texas Tech University set out to see if others on campus would be able to answer basic history¬†and political¬†questions that pretty much any fourth grader should be able to get right. Predictably, these students who spend over $17,000 a year (that’s out-of-state) on tuition are totally lost.

Although they aren’t able to answer who won the Civil War or who our current Vice President is, they all aced who Brad Pitt’s wife is.

I’m starting to see why every other generation hates us so much…

Check out the slightly disturbing, very concerning video below.

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Shake. My. Head.

I’d like to blame editing, but the fact that so many students just responded with, “Uhhh…” is out of control. Sure, you’re under some pressure with a mic and camera in your face, but it’s not rocket science.

Not even close.

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