7 Gifts Under $30 Girls Actually Want This Valentine’s Day

valentines day gifts for her girlfriend


You’re probably on this article because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you have no idea what to get your girlfriend. You Googled “what girls want for Valentine’s Day” or “cheap Vday presents for her” or “I have to get her something or she’ll kill me” then you wound up here. Hello! Welcome!

I’ll be the first to admit that girls are hard to buy for. Hell, when I walk into a store, I barely know what I want for myself. Luckily for you though, I’m here to help. I, a real-life female, will let you in on the secrets of what girls really want to unwrap on February 14.

First off, I am a firm believer that Valentine’s Day should be about doing something rather than getting something. Have dinner at your favorite place, go ice skating, or something else fun together. (We’ve got some ideas that won’t break the bank here.)

That being said, don’t forget to pick up some flowers. This isn’t about the price tag – it’s about the thoughtfulness of the gift. You could get her a necklace worth $500, but she’ll love your handwritten card even more.

What she really wants is a morning where she doesn’t have to set her alarm or a meet and greet with Beyonce, but since those probably aren’t feasible, check out some gifts under $30 any girl would be thrilled to receive on V-Day.

Looking for a gift for him? Check out our ideas here.

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5 Ways For Single Ladies To Spend (And Actually Enjoy) Valentine’s Day
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