You’re Going To Feel Dumb When You Can’t Figure Out This Riddle That 80% Of Kids Can Answer Immediately

which way is the bus going riddle

I’m not great at puzzles. If my three failed attempts at Escape The Room don’t prove that, I’m not sure what will. So why do I keep doing these things to myself? Because I know the one day I actually succeed, I will feel like the queen of the world.

Today isn’t that day. I joined the club of adults who couldn’t answer a simple puzzle that apparently 80% of children under the age of 10 were able to answer correctly instantly.

National Geographic featured the following puzzle as part of their “Brain Games TV” series.

The question is as follows:

Which way is this yellow bus going, left or right?

which way is the bus going riddle

Stare at the bus. Think about it.

Stumped? I was too – my only thought was “How do we know it’s moving at all?” and thought that was a smart way to look at it. But once you hear the answer, you’ll want to facepalm yourself (and punch me).

Here’s the answer, from the Daily Mail.

“The correct answer is that – if you’re in the UK – the bus is traveling to the right. And the key to solving the puzzle is the fact that you can’t see the passenger doors.

“This means they must be on the other side of the bus, and if you’re in the UK where people drive on the left side of the road this means the bus is going right. The opposite applies in the US and other countries where people drive on the right – and the bus would be traveling on the left.”


Now go show your friends, watch them fail, and feel better about yourself.

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