Concealed Gun Purses Are Fashion’s New Hottest Trend

My fellow Americans never fail to make nervous on a regular basis.

If you thought that fashion’s new hottest bag trend would be some bizarre combination of animal prints, excessive studs or glitter, you thought wrong. You thought very wrong.

It’s actually guns. Like purses that are designed to conceal guns.


According to Google, about 74,000 people search for “concealed carry purse” every month. To give that number some perspective, that’s the same amount of people who search for “Hermès Birkin.” Kind of like the same thing, right? (Not.)

These bags are the most popular in North Carolina, followed closely by Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Florida.

The concealed carry purse is a fairly recent fashion trend. It first popped up on Google’s radar back in 2011, but has seen an immense increase in interest in the last couple of months due to the record rise in gun sales in the United States following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, and President Barack Obama’s call for more restrictions on gun sales.


When “concealed carry purse” is searched for on Google, the search engine returns results from designers such as Coach and Michael Kors to websites such as The Well Armed Woman, Gun Goddess and Gun Tote’n Mamas. Styles range from tote bags to cross body bags to fanny packs. A style for every type of woman, I guess.

The product description for a pink camo fanny pack from TheWellArmedWoman explains that the “Conceal Carry Belt Pack is designed for active women. There is plenty of room for your handgun, 2 magazines and even your phone.”

The Well Armed Woman

Oh, well, thanks! I was super worried that when I went out with my concealed carry purse, I wouldn’t be able to take my phone and an extra two sets of magazines. You never know, right?

If you’re a person who loves to accessorize your Hermès Birkin, don’t worry. You can do the same to your brand new concealed carry purse. You can purchase a Swarovski crystal-studded purse hook from I guess you can file that under things you didn’t realize you needed until now.


Truly, what a time to be alive.

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