Apparently Peyton Manning Wasn’t Paid To Give Budweiser That Huge Shout Out

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I don’t give a damn about who won the Super Bowl last night. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all losers because literally no one could hold onto the football and the halftime show was a total snoozer. (If it wasn’t for Beyonce, it would have been a total disaster.) But hey, I won $5 in a pool with my friends and had to watch just to know what everyone would be talking about today.

As soon as Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was asked about what he would do after winning the big game, he gave the bro-iest and most obviously answer he could: drink beer. But what raised ears was his huge shout out to Budweiser.

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Immediately the Internet started speculating how many millions he was getting just for saying “Bud” – not once, but twice to two different reporters.

Turns out, he got nada. In fact, Bud claims they were surprised by the endorsement.

Apparently MVP Vonn Miller likes to drink Budweiser, so Peyton must be a fan as well.

Personally, I’d probably pop a $3000 bottle of champagne after a victory like this, but to each his own. Bud seems happy to help Peyton black out, the American way.

But don’t worry – Peyton got his pay day.

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