This UCLA Gymnast Managed To Whip, Nae Nae, And More During Her Insane Floor Routine

Sophina DeJesus ucla gymnast watch video floor routine


When it comes to college sports, gymnastics takes a backseat to…just about everything else. But Sophia DeJesus from UCLA is here to remind us that gymnasts are working hard even when the Olympics aren’t on.

In between a few spectacular tumbling lines, the senior incorporated some familiar dance moves into her floor exercise routine over the weekend. We’re talking the whip, nae nae, and dab alongside flips and splits that even McKayla Maroney would be impressed by.

Check out Sophia DeJesus’ full floor exercise below.

The routine that made the crowd and her teammates (and now the entire Internet) go wild earned her a 9.925, but if there was ever an occasion where a perfect 10 was necessary, this was it. You screwed up, judges.

Get this girl to Rio. I need her Beyonce-like moves representing Team USA.

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