Beyonce Had No Clue Her Halftime Performance Would Turn Into A Black Lives Matter Protest

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Coldplay may have been the headliner for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, but we’re still all talking about Beyonce (surprise, surprise). There’s been talk about her near fall and where she stayed during her time in California, but most prominently about her performance’s message about race.

But apparently, not all of it was planned.

Although Beyoncé performed with Black Panthers theme and made an apparent reference to Malcolm X with an X-formation on the field, a photo of five backup dancers holding a sign that read, “Justice 4 Mario Woods” with their fists in the air was never supposed to go viral.

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But apparently, Beyonce had no idea about this sign until the image went viral. In fact, the sign was given to the dancers by two Black Lives Matter activists who won a radio contest to be on the field during the halftime show.

Ronnisha Johnson and Rheema Caloway, both 25, told Daily Mail that they snuck 12 signs, some in their bras and underwear, into the arena with the plan to hijack Beyonce’s halftime performance.

“We did not know Beyonce was going to have a Black Panther theme to her performance even though she had dropped the Formation video the day before which has a lot of black culture references,” Caloway said.

‘There were a couple of dancers walking out with their fists up so I tapped one of them and asked her initially if she would be willing to take a photo and she said yes,” Johnson recalled. “As we were taking a photo I asked he if she had heard about the case of Mario Woods. Other dancers came around us and from the expressions on their faces it seemed as if they had already heard about Mario’s case and were empathetic. They agreed to hold the sign and say “Justice for Mario Woods” and we filmed it on my iPhone.”

Mario Woods was filmed by a bystander as he was fatally shot by a swarm of police in San Francisco.

While this whole “minute and a half” encounter occurred, Beyonce was being rushed off the stage oblivious to the entire thing.

“We don’t know who the dancers were, but we hope that Beyonce doesn’t have a backlash against them for what they did,” Johnson said.

Hijacking a Beyonce performance? Didn’t know it could be done.

Do you believe that Beyonce had no knowledge about calling attention to Mario Woods during the halftime show? Sound off in the comments.

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