New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photos From Season 6 Reveal Who’s Alive And Who Didn’t Make It

GOT season 6 photos


The first season six photos of Game of Thrones are here, and they’re revealing who made it through the crazy season five finale.

Here’s your warning: spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up to the HBO series.

As any GoT fan knows, you can’t be 100% sure someone is dead until you see the body burn. (I fully believe we’ll be seeing The Hound again, for example.) That’s why at the end of season five, we weren’t sure who we’d be seeing when the show returned.

Looks like Sansa and Theon survived their jump from the walls of Winterfell (which is not a huge shocker – there was a lot of snow to cushion their fall). And guess what – Bran is back after a full season of (presumably) chillin’ under a tree. And it looks like he’s standing?!

Unfortunately, Myrcella Baratheon didn’t fare as well. From the looks of her corpse in the Red Keep, that poison from Dorne did her in. And Arya Stark? Still blind.

Check them out below (and refresh for new ones!).

Unfortunately, the fate of the two biggest question marks, Jon Snow and Stannis Baratheon, remain.

The new season of Thrones premieres April 24, 2016…AKA not soon enough. How many of these faces do you think will make it to the end?

[Images via HBO]

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