This Woman Hasn’t Washed Her Hair In A Freakin’ Year But It Looks Amazing

kayleigh conway no shampoo for a year photos

Kayleigh Conway/Facebook

The combination of my unpredictable curly hair and dislike of showers sometimes leads to periods of three or four days without washing my hair (my personal record is five days – dry shampoo is a lifesaver).

Think I’m gross? Wrong…and I have science on my side. Not washing your hair every day is a total win-win – not only do you skip that miserable period of freezing as you get out of the shower with a wet head, but it’s healthier for your locks by leaving natural oils, making your color last longer, and a host of other perks. But we all know that after a few days your roots get greasy and you’re in the shower lathering up.

Unless you’re beauty and lifestyle blogger Kayleigh Conway. Conway has gone an entire year without shampoo touching her hair in her “no ‘poo” challenge, but her hair looks awesome.

How, you ask? Instead of shampoo, the 28 year old has been testing out natural alternatives to maintain her tresses since March 2015. After trying baking soda, eggs, and other concoctions, she’s found a winner in clay and vinegar, which she says leaves her mane thicker and less greasy.

Kayleigh told FEMAIL, “My hair is actually the healthiest it’s ever been. It’s shinier, seems to grow faster and has a lot more volume. It’s now so easy to manage that I just get up, brush my hair and go.”

There are a few downsides to going all natural. Kayleigh admits that she’s spent “days” of her life researching what shampoo alternatives to use and has definitely had her share of bad hair days.

Check out how Kayleigh Conway’s hair is looking nowadays below.

Convinced? With a little dedication and trial and error, you could have the best hair of your life too. (But maybe keep the Herbal Essences under the sink just in case.)

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