WATCH: New Yorkers Shared Their Biggest Regrets, And They All Included One Word

write your biggest regret

A Plus/YouTube

Lots of people like to say they have no regrets. That everything happens for a reason and led them to where they are know. Sorry, but I have to call bull.

It’s hard to admit our regrets (or ragrets, depending on your pop culture knowledge), but we all have them. Maybe it’s a career path we wish we tried, a trip we wish we took, or a way we acted to towards someone. It means we failed in some way, that we didn’t trust ourselves enough to take a chance.

A Plus wanted to give New Yorkers a chance to share their regrets. They set up a chalkboard outside Lieutenant Petrosino Square asking people to write down something they wish they could change. It sounds a bit depressing, but the people of NYC were also reminded of a powerful lesson – that having regrets shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams later in life.

So what did all these people’s regrets have in common? Watch the video to find out.

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