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Man Dumps His Cheating Girlfriend With A Brutal Valentine’s Day Card Full Of Evidence

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Well, this is one Valentine’s Day to remember.

Kyle Boggess of California found out his girlfriend, Anna Miller, was cheating on him after he created a fake online dating profile. He posted a video on Facebook explaining the reveal, which was all caught on video.

“My “girlfriend” was being shady,” he wrote. “I made a fake Plenty Of Fish account and she told that account she was single, had no luck with guys blah blah blah.”

He says she then made plans with him over the fake profile.

The reveal? Rough.

First he led her into a room filled with rose petals and gifts.

Then he gave her a card…filled with photos of her online dating habits that proved her cheating ways.

Then Kyle and his brother chased her out of the house.

Weirdly, Anna says it was a two week relationship in that above video, so this whole cheating thing might be a little dramatic.

In addition, Anna’s sister Samantha took to Facebook to share some not-so-nice facts about Kyle.

She wrote, “Kyle Boggess is well known in Bakersfield. He’s highly praised for being a total prick, who is ruthlessly mean to females, cheats on them without remorse, and is passionate about seeing fear in their eyes. He’s a bottom feeding dirt bag that masterbates to his foul ways of abusing someone who enters his life.

“The reason I’m posting this is to bring awareness to this video. No she shouldn’t have cheated; however, the “hero behind the camera” had it coming and should have a lot more come his way. Kyle has taken his terrorism to a whole new form. The female in this video is now being harassed and crucified on social media, while Kyle is being uplifted and praised for continuing his freight train of corruption. This video only shows what she did, not who she did it too.”

I don’t know how many cheaters going viral it’s going to take to prove that if you’re not loyal, you’re going to get caught. But until everyone learns, keep posting those videos.

Update 2/16/16

Kyle Boggess, the dude who orchestrated this dump, reached out to COED.com to give his side of the story.

According to him, Anna Miller’s sister, Samantha, who posted her rant to Facebook knows nothing about him. He also says it wasn’t a two week relationship, as Anna says in one of the videos.

1. I haven’t spoken to that Samantha chick since SOPHOMORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL lmfao. Idk where that came from at all. 2. We were together a month and a half. She said two weeks because I ignored her for a few days in the middle of it when I started realizing she was full of sh*t. Then I decided to troll her and make an example out of her.

Check out the screenshots from their Plenty Of Fish conversation where Kyle was using a fake name below.

If you’re really invested in this story, you can check out Kyle’s Facebook page which has turned into a place for defending himself and sh*tting on Anna.

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