4 Struggles of Being The Last Of Your Friends To Turn 21

Having a late birthday is a struggle all on its own, but once you start adding the monumental years to that day, it gets even harder. Turning 21 last is not the greatest thing in the world. When all your friends are able to go out into the world and do everything that’s available to them, you have to wait to join in on all the fun festivities. Here are some of the struggles of being the last in your squad to turn 21.

1.You can’t go out for drinks

We all know that feeling. Your friends are trying to come up with something fun to do on a Friday night and one person says, “Let’s go to the bar.” This then gets followed up by you reminding them that you’re not 21, and they look at you like you’re a lost puppy! Nothing screams #FOMO like your friends sharing their awesome night on Instagram as you cuddle with your teddy bear searching for a movie to watch on Netflix for an hour.

2. You’re automatically considered to be the baby of the group

For some reason, even though busy “adulting,” your friends automatically think of you as the baby of the group. What gives?! It’s not like I can’t drive a car now or take care of myself. I just can’t get into places that are for people who are 21 and over.

3. You may have no idea what your friends are talking about when it comes to alcohol

Some people under 21 know a lot about alcohol, but not everyone is the same. It’s like being in chemistry all over again when your friends start talking about mixing drinks. You stand there all confused and silent because you have no idea what they’re talking about. I mean who knew that mixing this and that would create a sex on the beach?

4. You get overly excited when you finally turn 21

The day comes when you finally turn 21 and you’re practically jumping through the ceiling, but there’s one problem: your friends are over being 21 and are turning 22. Oh well!

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