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If You Thought Your Girlfriend Was Crazy, You Haven’t Met This Territorial Chick

crazy girlfriend shirt with face on it


Anyone in a relationship has experienced that uneasy feeling¬†– your boyfriend heads out for a guys’ night, and you can only wonder how he acts around other girls when you’re not around.

One girlfriend came up with a way to never fear her boyfriend straying with a ridiculous Valentine’s Day gift that, ironically, might just scare him away.

It’s an oversize shirt with her face on it several times and the text,¬†“If you are reading this, you are too close. I have a girlfriend.”



Really nothing says, “I’m confident and secure in our relationship,” like this, girl.

Since being posted on Imgur, the photo has gone viral, but the identity of the happy couple remains a mystery.

Of course, the shirt was probably meant as joke gift for the romantic holiday, but this guy’s face really says it all: pure defeat, terrified, and dead inside.

Look, bud. I’m not saying you should run, but you might want to get some sneakers just in case.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.