Moleskine’s New Backpack Is Everything You Need This Semester, And In Life

Remember that Jansport backpack you carried around circa 2002 and used well into high school? Sure it was great at the time, but now you’re due for something a bit more chic.

Luckily, the folks at Moleskine knew that before you even realized it. That’s what awesome companies do, right? Although you may recognize the brand because of their notebooks, you might be surprised to know that they sell other items too. From pens and pencils to wallets and phone cases, you’ll be checking out their website for more than just back-to-school essentials.

They recently released a new backpack which is simple, classic, and of course, oh-so-chic. Whether you’re looking to trade in your heavy purse for something easier on your back or want to be the hottest student at school, this is definitely the bag to reach for.

Courtesy of Moleskine

Courtesy of Moleskine

It’ll set you back a cool $150, but when you’re paying for quality, it’s totally worth it. This backpack will definitely last through those 8 am classes when you accidentally spill your coffee all over it, and it’s perfect to even bring to a music festival or on vacation. The material is water-repellent, the straps are easily adjustable, and it has two pockets to store all your crap. (Because let’s face it, you have a lot of it).

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself one today, and be prepared to turn heads.

This post is sponsored by Moleskine

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