Girls In The Bahamas Are Being Suspended For Wearing Their Hair Naturally

natural hair


Can school dress codes get their act together?

Girls in the Bahamas were allegedly suspended for having “untidy” natural hair at school, and it’s kind of the most ridiculous thing ever.

One mom took to Facebook to express her disgust, writing, “[The principal] wants the children to either cut or perm their hair.”

Question for the principal – wouldn’t you rather the kids focus on their studies rather than spending time putting chemicals in their hair?

The Bahamas Ministry of Education have since released a statement saying that “young women have always been free to attend school with their hair in its natural state provided it is properly groomed and neat.”

Now women are fighting back.

Their petition reads, “In the year 2013, Natural hair has come back with a great resurgence, proving the nay-sayers wrong that it was indeed beautiful. Many young (and older) women can be seen sashaying the streets of New Providence and throughout The Commonwealth with their puffs, dread locks , curls and kinks, holding their head proudly to the rising sun. Fast forward to 2016 and students of a historic high school are being told that their natural hair is “unacceptable,” “untidy,” “unfit,” “ugly.””

#SupportThePuff is going viral.

Check out how some women are showing off their natural beauty and supporting natural hair below.

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