Expect A Makeup Line From Caitlyn Jenner In The Very Near Future

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Someone is following in her daughter’s footsteps! Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kit is a crazy success – you probably can’t even get your hands on it – and it looks like Caitlyn Jenner might soon have a makeup and beauty line of her own.

According to TMZ, Caitlyn recently filed a trademark for exclusive rights to sell makeup under her name. Unlike Kylie’s lip empire, Caitlyn’s products will cover fragrances, makeup remover, nail polish, and skin care.

Cait doesn’t have a clear plan on how or when she will break into the beauty business,” TMZ says. “She wanted to secure the trademark before anyone else got the idea.”

Maybe Caitlyn is relatively new to the makeup and beauty game, but that might just be the perfect person to thing of ways to improve it, right? Besides, with a daughter like Kylie, she can probably pick up some helpful hints to ensure success.

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