Dorm Room Food Hacks: How To Make Hot Dogs In Your College Room


I could think of approximately a million years to skip the dining hall – you have to get dressed, walk through the cold, locate friends, then stand in line for food that makes you a bit nauseous.

What if I told you there’s a better way?

Even the laziest and least capable college student can make hot dogs from the comfort of their own dorm room. All you need is a coffee pot, which I know you have because those all-nighters don’t happen without a little help.

Here’s the how to.

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It’s probably a good idea to buy pre-cooked hot dogs to avoid an early morning date with your toilet, but the boiling water does a great job of heating up the hot dogs all the way through. Steal some ketchup from your next late-night McDonald’s run, and you’re set.

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