One Guy Was Photoshopped To Have The Perfect Body In 19 Countries

body ideals photoshopped man

A few months ago, a UK-based online doctor service asked graphic designers from around the world to Photoshop a model’s body to make her more attractive in the standard of their countries. Now, they’ve re-done the same experiment with a man.

Like with the female photo, 19 different countries produced 19 different results of the “ideal” body.

However, most of the men bodies are notably larger than the women from the previous experiment, and none were depicted to have dark skin – not even in Nigeria. While the hair on the female model was changed in color and length by the graphic designers, almost all of the men have dark, cropped hair and a little stubble.

Here’s what the original photo of the man looked like…

body ideals photoshopped man

…and here’s how 19 countries around the world changed him.

So what does this mean? Well, if you have a dad bod, you’re hot as hell in Serbia.

But really, it just means that there’s no one standard of beauty – not just around the world. Even within the a certain country, one person could go for a guy with a six-pack while another likes a little bit of a stomach. As long as you’re healthy and like your body, that’s all that matters.

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