What Women Really Tell Their Friends After Sex With You

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We’re all guilty of kissing and telling at least one person.

I assume you’ve been in the position where you slept with someone and couldn’t wait to tell a friend about it, right? Women are no different. If you didn’t already know, women are usually pretty good about giving her closest friends the details after the two of you have had sexual contact. Yes, this includes not going all the way. Wondering what those details are? Here’s what women really tell their friends after sex with you. Let’s get into it!

1. Your Manhood

Of course, you probably assumed that already, but us ladies definitely brag about (or share our disappointment in) the size of your manhood. We share about the thickness, whether it’s banana-shaped, circumcised, shaved…you name it. We usually share as much good as the bad, but we definitely disclose a good bit about that third leg down there. Size isn’t all that matters though. If you know you’re more on the “short, but thick” side or you’re just feeling like your manhood isn’t as long or big as you’d like it to be, remember the motion of the ocean counts even more than the size of your tool.

2. The Stroke & Duration

We talk about whether you pump us like a horny rabbit or if you stroke us softly. Just in case you weren’t aware, the speed of the stroke definitely matters! If you want to pass with flying colors in this department, take your time with her – although “the pump” can be appropriate at certain times. We also talk about how long it took you to “get there” – yes, cum. Although five-minute sex can be just as satisfying as hour-long sex, we still discuss how long you could last especially because this was the first time you two had sex.

3. Foreplay

If you ate it, the girls know about it. If you have good or bad foreplay, we talk about it. If there was no foreplay at all, be worried – the girls have more than likely already given you bad remarks. This is a huge part of sexual exploration and should be valued just as much as the big act itself. Don’t do things that you’re not really comfortable with or good at, but do indulge.

4. The Atmosphere

Yes, she’ll be embarrassed if it wasn’t up to par, but you can bet your bottom dollar that she told where and when all of this went down. Whether it was at your mom’s house in your bedroom or in your three-bedroom house, she’s told what the setup looked like. She has explained what the environment was like – music, candles, if it were in the backseat of your car…everything matters. I hope you’re not hooking up with girls in your car, but if you are, at least clean it out. No matter where the deed takes place, try to present it in as clean a manner as you can. First impressions are lasting.

5. The Overall Experience

If she faked it or if you made her orgasm so hard she screamed, she tells the girls. Ultimately, we share whether or not we’d sleep with you again based on the things I previously mentioned. That’s right. When it comes to that first time, we definitely look at the situation the same way you guys do. We know if and when we’re going to indulge again in what you have to offer. So, don’t be cocky. Sometimes it’s not all that good and she may not be as thrilled to come back again as you think.

The next time you have a first time sexual encounter with a woman, think about these things because you don’t want to have a bad report floating around out there! You worked hard for that reputation. Don’t let simple mistakes take points away.

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