WATCH: And Now, Shia LaBeouf Punching A College Student In The Face In The Name Of Art

shia LaBeouf

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You may have heard that Shia LaBeouf’s latest art project, #Elevate, involved him riding an elevator up and down while being joined by random passengers for 24 hours. And as everything with Shia involved, things got weird.

One college student who waited in line for seven hours for the chance to ride an Oxford elevator with the actor didn’t waste his time – he got in the elevator and asked Shia to punch him in the face as part of his own “art project.”

Although the live stream of the elevator only showed people getting on and off so we don’t see Shia knock this kid out on camera, the audio reveals that after some hesitation, the kid tells Shia, “Don’t be a pussy,” and Shia obliged.

You hear a thump and some laughing, so we assume it actually happened.

Check out the footage, and easily the highlight of Shia’s latest project,¬†below.

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