Chris Crocker, The “Leave Britney Alone” Guy, Is Now A Total Stud


Who could forget Chris Crocker? The guy went viral for defending the one and only Britney Spears and lives on in our hearts forever.

But now I know you want to look up the video again, so here you go (even though we both know you’ve watch it at least 400 times).


It’s been nine whole years since Britney’s biggest fan came to her defense following her – what’s the right word? – pathetic performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Now the 28 year old fromĀ Bristol, Tennessee is going viral again, but you might not even recognize the viral sensation.

Turns out Chris Crocker gotĀ really hot. Check out photos of the new and improved Chris below.

Chris recently took to his Instagram to note that while being attractive is nice, but it’s all about looks.

“We all like compliments so I’m not going to complain about the fact “Chris Crocker has gotten hot” has become an international headline… but at the same time, I just hope people realize being hot is a state of mind. Inner confidence means way more than a million people affirming your “hotness.” Thanks for the recent love. Truly. But just know: You should always let yourself feel attractive. Not just when society says you are. Xo Chris,” he wrote.

Totally true. But a hottie who loves Britney as much as us and knows what’s really imoprtant? That’s a catch, my friends.

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