The Guy Behind The ‘Damn Daniel’ Video Had A SWAT Team Called To His House


By now you’ve probably seen that “Damn Daniel” video. If not, check it out and see what everyone is talking about.


Love it or hate it, the Internet is eating it up.

However, the person behind the video, Joshua Holz, is finding out the sucky side of viral fame.

According to TMZ, the voice behind “Damn Daniel” got a surprise last night when a SWAT team entered his house.

TMZ reports, “Law enforcement tells TMZ they responded to a call around 1 AM to the Riverside, CA home after the caller said a boy had shot his mom in the head with an AK-47. However, it all turned out to be a hoax … officers cleared the scene and determined no one at the house was involved.”

Police have no suspects of the people behind this prank, and it’s unlikely any arrests will be made. It’s pretty messed up that someone thought that would be funny though. Jealous, perhaps?

See more photos of Josh Holz below.

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