Starbucks Made A Major Change To Its Loyalty Program

Yesterday, Starbucks announced that it was making a major change to its Starbucks app rewards program. Beginning in April, Starbucks rewards participants will now earn points, or “stars,” per dollar spent instead of earning them per visit.

According to Starbucks, the change was made in response to their customers. They stated that their number one request from customers was to base the point system on what you buy rather than how many times you visit the coffee retailer. Instead of earning one star per visit, you will earn two stars for each dollar spent.

It sounds like an upgrade, but it’s really not.

Currently, customers receive a free food or drink item after they earn 12 points. Assuming you purchase a $2 coffee each time you visit Starbucks, you would receive a free drink after spending around $24. However, under the new point system, you will have to earn 125 points before you get your free drink – which means you’ll have to spend about $62 dollars.

I mean, I can’t be the first one to tell you that Starbucks is horrifically overpriced, right? However, this loyalty program change takes “overpriced” to a whole new level – despite being customers’ number one request.

People aren’t happy (especially poor college students) about having to spend more money to get the same rewards at their local Starbucks. They have taken to Twitter in order to vent their fury.

Starbucks Global Chief Strategy Officer, Matthew Ryan, told investors that this change was what customers desired and was not an attempt to “weaken the rewards proposition.” Ryan continued stating that customers on average spend about $5 at Starbucks and there’s “a small minority of people who would be either advantaged or disadvantaged” by the change.

This would be the perfect time for you to start making your coffee at home or in your dorm room. This loyalty program change doesn’t have to be devastating – it can actually help you in some regards. Think of all the extra sleep you’ll get! The extra money in your pocket! Maybe you’ll show up to class on time! The possibilities are endless.

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