This Columbia Pre-Med Student Desperate To Get Out Of An Exam Is All Of Us

Terrell Finner exam joke photos

Terrell Finner/Twitter

Raise your hand if you’ve spent more time coming up with an excuse to skip your exam than actually studying. If your hand isn’t raised, you’re either lying or not very creative.

Instead of trying the old “dog ate my homework” excuse, Columbia pre-med student Terrell Finner had a better idea when it came to getting out of his Chemistry midterm. All it took was his headphones, laptop charger, a white sheet, and some creativity to fake a tragic illness sure to get him out of the exam.

His creativity (complete with homemade hospital bracelet) was obviously a joke, but since the tweets were posted on February 14, they’ve been retweeted nearly 20,000 times and liked by more than 20,500 users. And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if someone tried this on their own professors. It might actually work, as long as your professor isn’t an actual doctor and your charger isn’t so prominently displayed.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Terrell graduated from Penn State University in 2015 after winning several academic and Greek life awards. He’s currently continuing his studies in pre-med at Columbia.

Hope your nosebleed cleared and you aced that exam, Terrell!

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