Break-Up Cakes Are Now Available For Your Convenience At This Whole Foods

Breakups are rough, but once you realize you’re better off without that f*ckboy in your life, you can end it in the best way possible- with a cake, of course.

Twitter user Abbie Ruzicka spotted these confections while shopping at Whole Foods in Brookline, Massachusetts just after Valentine’s Day.

Whole Foods is selling break up cake.

— Abbie Ruzicka (@AbbieRuzicka) February 15, 2016

According to Eater, “I think my manager said, ‘Let’s just make a few of these as a joke and then see what happens,’” an employee said.

The cakes come in both vanilla and chocolate and cost $5.99 each. Although these specific cakes are only available at the Brookline store, others are thinking about following suit.

No word on how the cakes sold, but my guess is pretty well if others are thinking about doing the same.

I suppose if you need to break up with someone, there are definitely worse ways to go about it. Hell yeah I’d gladly accept a cake as a parting gift. And maybe I’d ask him to break up with me again tomorrow too. 🎂🎂

[Via Eater]

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