Jewish Rutgers Student Finds Swastika In Her Dorm Room And Thinks School Isn’t Exactly Handling It Well

One Rutgers University student definitely has roommates who suck more than yours.

Jewish student Sara Rosen, a senior at Rutgers, returned back to her dorm room on January 15 to find a large swastika taped on the ceiling outside her bedroom. reports, “According to a police report, later that evening officers responded to the apartment and spoke with the student responsible for taping the swastika to the ceiling. The student claimed it wasn’t meant to represent the Nazi’s swastika (or the Nazi Hakenkreuz), which faces right, but rather the Buddhist “sauwastika” — which faces left and is associated with peace. Police also spoke to the student’s roommate.”

The students were urged to take the symbol down, which wasn’t done until days later.

“This is all done as an act of intimidation toward me,” Sara said.

Imagine having to come home to something that was obviously meant to make you feel uncomfortable. It would suck.

According to Sara, she had an argument with the two roommates a few weeks before when they brought a pine tree into the apartment even though she had allergies to it.

A friend of the student accused of taping the swastika says he “has not only been relocated from his Livingston apartment, but has also been ordered to leave on-campus housing altogether and had ‘talk among the authorities that they are considering suspension. All these sanctions, I will reiterate, are due to his taping a Buddhist swastika on his ceiling.'”

I’m not buying it.

Despite this, Sara claims Rutgers dean of students Mark Schuster implied that the incident was “a joke gone bad.”

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