Pursue These Careers If You Want To Get The Most Right Swipes On Tinder



Tinder is a science. You could be the most interesting guy or gal in the world, but if your photos aren’t flattering and your bio is some d-bag pick-up line, you’re going to waste a lot of time swiping.

So once you’ve gotten your pictures in order and actually come up with a bio line that people haven’t already seen 165 times, you might want to include that you aren’t just sitting on mom’s couch playing video games each and every day. This may include enrolling in flight school – apparently pilots really get the ladies going.

Tinder┬áhas released the top 15 professions for both men and women that get the most attention. I’m not saying to lie and say you’re a model or doctor, but it might get you more matches.

Check out the most popular jobs on the dating app below.

Top 15 male professions that girls swipe right to the most

1. Pilot

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

3. Firefighter

4. Doctor

5. TV/Radio Personality

6. Teacher

7. Engineer

8. Model

9. Paramedic

10. College Student

11. Lawyer

12. Personal Trainer

13. Financial Advisor

14. Police Officer

15. Military

Top 15 female professions that guys swipe right to the most

1. Physical Therapist

2. Interior Designer

3. Founder/Entrepreneur

4. PR/Communications

5. Teacher

6. College Student

7. Speech Language Pathologist

8. Pharmacist

9. Social Media Manager

10. Model

11. Dental Hygienist

12. Nurse

13. Flight Attendant

14. Personal Trainer

15. Real Estate Agent

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