Don’t You Dare Watch The 2016 Oscars Without Our Drinking Game

Whether you’ve gotten around to seeing all the nominated movies or not, the 2016 Oscars are this Sunday. It may be the biggest night in film, but if you ask us, the MTV Movie Awards are far more interesting. The Academy Awards can be stuffy, rehearsed, and frankly boring.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be watching.

Between the incredible fashion and live TV disaster potential, the Oscars have a way of keeping us coming back. But to spice up the evening, I’ll have a bottom of wine by my side as I live blog the night’s happenings (sorry in advance for Twitter typos).

Ready to drink along with me? Here are the rules to make your Oscars party as fun as a Sunday night can get.

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Take a sip when…

– A winner thanks God.

– Someone walks the wrong way off the stage after winning.

– You’ve actually seen the nominated movie.

– A winner thanks their parents or spouse.

– A movie clip featuring alcohol is on your screen.

Take two drinks when…

– The “wrap it up” music starts playing.

– A presenter has trouble pronouncing a name.

– #OscarsSoWhite is mentioned.

– Someone cries.

– A winner thanks the fellow nominees in their category as the losers try not to cry.

Finish your drink if…

– Jennifer Lawrence trips.

– There’s a “Leonardo DiCaprio has no Oscars” joke.

– A wardrobe malfunction occurs.

Bottoms up. 

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