Prepare To Be Amazed At This Woman’s Ability To Turn Her Makeup & Hijab Into Disney Characters



While you’re constantly trying to master liquid eyeliner, Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati is using her extreme beauty skills and hijabs to transform herself into Disney princesses, villains, and more!

Saraswati, better known to her 79,200,000 Instagram followers as QueenOfLuna, gives herself crazy makeovers to resemble familiar Disney ladies (and even gents) like Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, and Cruella De Vil. In addition to her awesome makeup, she styles various colored hijabs as their iconic hairstyles.

Check out some of her best looks below.

When she’s not playing well known Disney characters, Saraswati transforms herself into famous comic book characters…


…and even horror creatures.

Teach me your ways, girl. There’s a 90% chance I get mascara all over my face this weekend, and you’re slaying it.

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