Hottie Tom Brady Welcomes His Dog To The Family ‘Lion King’ Style

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As if the Brady family isn’t already attractive enough, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have added a new member to the bunch – a rescued puppy named Fluffy!

Gisele took to Instagram to introduce the cutie to the world writing, “Thank you @wagsandwalks for all you do and for letting us rescue this little angel. The kids are over the moon with our new family member. Fluffy is pure joy!

You’re already squealing over this bundle of joy, right? Well, while Gisele’s pic was adorable, Tom Brady took it up a notch to show Fluffy off to his 3.6 million Facebook followers.

Maybe he’s been watching too many Disney movies with the kids, but Tom took a cue from The Lion King in his latest video.

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I mean, who hasn’t done this with their terrified pet? But somehow when Tom does it, it’s even more majestic (although Fluffy looks ready to get back on the ground).

Maybe we’ll think about forgiving him for that whole DeflateGate scandal even if agrees to keep the cute videos coming.

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