5 Guys You Will Meet At A Coffeehouse (& Why You Should Say Hi…)

hipster with coffee


No, I’m not talking about Starbucks.

If you’re anything like me you spend at least one hour a week in a small, local coffee shop to people watch and enjoy a cup o’ Joe. I guess we go there to get a little work done as well, but most of us are guilty of people watching more than working. Although coffee shops are relatively quiet and most people seem to venture into them solo, a coffee shop is a great place to meet all kinds of people. Here are five guys you will meet at a coffee shop and why you should say hi. Let’s get into it!

1. The Laid Back Hipster

Man-bun, scruffy beard, tattoos, exposed forearms (or hopefully all of the previously mentioned together)–he’s downright beautiful. The Hipster is a perfect candidate for open dialogue. Most hipsters are pretty open about engaging in conversation on food, music, politics–you name it. He’s bound to be pretty laid back and to take your willingness to approach him as a compliment. He’ll more than likely even offer you a seat. Should you find yourself in this situation, seize the opportunity to converse with him. The conversation is sure to be enjoyable and let’s not forget how gorgeous this guy is… go for it.

2. The Quiet Studious Guy

Here’s a guy who is responsible and committed. Okay, maybe he’s an avid procrastinator, but either way he’s taking care of business. You’ll be able to see which one of these categories he falls in if you see him calmly flowing through his books and papers or if he’s pounding away at his keyboard without ever coming up for air. I take this guy as a challenge. You more than likely won’t be able to sit and have a full conversation with him, but if you know what you’re doing you can work in a two-minute conversation. Try making eye contact a few times and if you’re able to get his attention, leave him with a comment to make him crack a smile and leave you on his mind. The sarcastic woman is great at this.

3. The Old(er) Guy

Most people might shy away from speaking to the old guy, but don’t think of him as old–just older. This guy is established, probably retired, and can probably teach you more than a thing or two. I’m not telling you to go home with the man, but if you have never engaged in a conversation with a wiser being, I highly suggest that you try it. He may be reading the paper or a good book, but he will be willing to put it down to share some knowledge with you. Don’t be a wiseass with him, but indulge. It may surprise you at how much you enjoy the conversation.

4. The Businessman

He could be the hot, young entrepreneur or he could be a suit and tie type. I’m more into the entrepreneur myself, but whatever floats your boat. He’ll probably be buried into his computer screen or on the phone, but you can still work a ‘hello’ in there. If he’s an entrepreneur and you can sort of tell what he’s working on, you can ask him about his business endeavors. Men love talking about stuff like that. I usually leave business cards with this type of guy. He won’t have much time to talk at the coffee shop, but he’ll call you later.

5. The Guy Who’s There To Meet Chicks

If all else fails, you’ll see this guy chilling with a cup of coffee and not much else. He may have headphones in, but ultimately he’s completely open to have a conversation with any woman who approaches. There’s nothing wrong with setting yourself up to meet new people so don’t knock his efforts! It doesn’t take much of anything to start a conversation with him, but the one sign that he might not be there to talk is if his headphones are up really loud–don’t talk to that guy. We’re not sure what’s going on in that mind of his.

Did I miss anyone? Share your thoughts in a comment below!


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