Penn State’s Bella Russe Proves That Frat Goats Are The New Frat Hounds


I thought it was pretty weird when a fraternity at TCNJ (where I spent four wonderful years of my life…five years if you include the year after graduation where I took a miserable job just so I could stay in town) had a mini goat. Here we are spending a lovely day drink together.

Apparently, it’s a trend. Frat goats are the new frat hounds, getting college guys laid by girls who are out of their league one cute animal at a time. First, we met Ranger at Tennessee Tech, and now there’s a new goat making waves on a college campus.

Meet Bella Russe, the frat pet of choice for Penn State’s Lambda Chi Alpha.

Bella already has over 1,100 followers on Instagram, and it’s safe to assume that every sorority in Happy Valley is now clamoring to hang out with the Lambda Chi guys.

Check out adorable photos of Bella Russe below, and make sure you say hi if you see her on campus.


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