Dolce & Gabbana Is Actually Calling A Shoe The “Slave Sandal”

dolce & gabbanna slave sandle


You would think Dolce & Gabbana would learn by now, but no. The fashion brand who has been called out for ripping off culture in the past is now selling a shoe they’ve dubbed the “Slave Sandal” for $2,395.


Dolce gabbana slave sandal


According to Footwear News, “slave” was once a common descriptor for a lace-up shoe silhouette. Nowadays, we know them as “gladiator” sandals (even though gladiators were often slaves too, but I think we can all agree that it sounds better).

Not sure how this got through one person let alone many, but other retailers carrying the shoe have wisely chosen to remove the word “slave” from the shoe’s description. Saks calls it the “Pom-Pom Leather Lace-Up Sandal” while Moda Operandi titled it the “Pom Pom Wrap Around Sandal,” but the latter seems to have removed it from the site.

It’s sad considering how Dolce & Gabbana has made strides recently with their line of hijabs and abayas. But this is two huge steps backwards in the PC game. Let’s hope they apologize for the offensive misjudgment soon…and hope that’s enough.

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