Did Your Vacation Spot Make The List Of Trashiest Spring Break Destinations In The World?

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March is here, which means one thing in the college world: Spring Break. Before you load up on sunscreen and head to the beach bars for a week of debauchery, you might want to make sure your vacation spot makes COED.com’s annual list of trashiest Spring Break locations.

To clarify, “trashy” is not a bad thing in this case. Sure, it’s awesome if you plan a trip to visit your bestie studying abroad in Paris, but Spring Break should be about making fun memories you have to lie to your parents about. Visiting art museums isn’t very scandalous.

That being said, being completely reckless ain’t cute. Panama City Beach, who took the top spot on COED‘s list last year, was total mayhem last spring, with multiple sexual assaults and violent fights making headlines. That’s why the city is totally off the list in 2016. Keep it classy, kids.

So why is this year’s list better than ever? Because it’s gone worldwide. Instead of just counting down the places in the USA perfect for sun and parties, overseas locations like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cancun are in the running.

Okay, enough talk. Ready to find out if your vacation spot is on the list?

20: Biloxi, MS

19: San Juan, Puerto Rico

18: Key West, FL

17: Nassau, Bahamas

16: Miami, FL

15: Lake Havasu, AZ

14: Daytona Beach, FL

13: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

12: Myrtle Beach, SC

11: Tampa, FL

Oh, you wanted the top 10? You’re going to have to head over to COED to see who made the list. But here’s a hint – no one parties harder than the U. S. of A.

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