Zac Efron Proves He’s The Perfect Human (Again), Does The Best Thing Ever For A Fan Who Broke His Phone

Zac Efron- King of All Things Hunky, did the SWEETEST thing ever for a fan to make us fall in love him even more. Just when I thought that was impossible to do, one of his fans was so excited to meet the beefcake, he dropped his phone and it shattered into a bazillion pieces. Well, basically. So what did the Baywatch star do? Buy him a new phone…and let him take all the selfies and Snapchat videos he wanted…and let him meet the rest of the Baywatch cast.


Zac took two selfies with the fan, Ahmed, showing off the newly-busted iPhone, and since Zac seems like the chillest bro of bros, it looks like they’re the best of pals casually hanging out.

Okay seriously, I want this to be me.

And this.

New life goal? To be featured on Zac Efron’s Instagram account. There was one time where you can see my leg in Joe Jonas’ Instagram video, so that at least counts for something right?

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