The 15 Worst Advertisements Of All Time

Advertising is an amazing communication tool. In 30 seconds or less, you can be convinced to purchase a product or service, reconsider a potentially unhealthy habit, donate money to a cause and endlessly more activities. Other modes of communication such as essays and books simply do not have the persuasion power of advertising.

Unfortunately, however, this reaction is only stimulated from what is considered “good” advertising.

Bad advertising haunts not only audiences, but the advertiser for a substantial amount of time if not forever.  I’ve collected some of the most shockingly awful advertisements from the past few decades for your viewing horror.

Let me tell you, when an advertisement is bad – they’re really bad.

Rostam Batmanglij (Ex-Vampire Weekend) Has Released A New Song
Rostam Batmanglij (Ex-Vampire Weekend) Has Released A New Song
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